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There are many click and build products out there. However they all work on the same premise. You pick a template, you fill in some blanks, you add some modules, and viola! You have a website. Right?

In some cases that works, however more often than not, the fancy template that looked great was actually designed around a pretend logo with pretend content. You plug in your stuff and it looks like a 4th-grader put it together. In fact a child might have done a better job.

You have some design sense, and you need some customization done, but you soon discover that you need to know HTML, CSS, PHP and all of the ancillary knowledge that accompanies those acronyms. Now you need a coder, a geek, or a programmer to tweak the thing. You make some phone calls, talk to some friends, and finally you sit down with a design team to discus your project. Oh joy!

Fast forward several weeks... After many many interactions and seemingly endless meetings, finally you have a website. Life is good. Right? Not so fast Bunky.

One morning you wake up and log into your admin area. A message pops up. "A new version of **** **** is now available.", the message also mentions security fixes and that it's highly recommended. It's also recommended that you make back-ups of your database, etc. Wonderful. Back on the phone with your programmer. Time to open up the checkbook once again.

The wonderful free system is not so free anymore, and it dawns on you that there's no end in sight.

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