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I don't want my competitors to find out what I'm using!
It's hard to believe some of the traffic spikes I've seen. From a virtual start-up to spikes of traffic sometimes exceeding 100,000 visitors, I've got to hand it to you, the SEO and whatever other voodoo magic you've put into this thing is amazing.

My competitors think I've sunk tens of thousands of dollars into this bad boy, and that I have a newsroom full of reporters and sales people! If they only knew I'm just one guy who's usually working in his underwear! You guys are my secret weapon. Under no circumstance do I want you including me as a case study on your website!
- name withheld upon request

The FlexPortal system is truly scalable and efficient
As the web developer for a rifle manufacturer, I needed a content-management system that was flexible, scalable. easy to learn, and affordable. FlexPortal provided a software platform that allowed me to deploy my client's new website efficiently, and in a manner that takes advantage of crucial search-engine optimization. Using FlexPortal content management system I can update the website in a matter of seconds, with new photos, text and streaming video.
-Dave Reese, NewWest Communications

We shouldn't have waited so long to make the move.
The FlexPortal-based website for our publication has been so successful and well-received we're having difficulty driving traffic to our main website. The users just camp here!

The portal has changed the landscape for us and our membership. Prior to the switch, member growth had nearly stopped. Since the FlexPortal implementation, not only have we grown, but we've expanded our sphere of influence from the local Reno market to the entire state, and now into California, and parts of Arizona. That a pretty significant statement considering it all happened during the worst economy in recent memory.

Re-design and additions to the site typically happen over night, and sometimes when we're on the phone, not over weeks or months as we'd become accustomed to in our other endeavors. Keep up the good work!
Dave Fulton -eNevada Builder (formerly eReno Builder)

You saved my business!
I went from over $10 million in sales to less than $1 million in 2 years due to the collapse of the local real estate market. Thank you so much for helping me find a niche and then helping me capitalize on it. Now I'm once again a top producer in my market area. I can say it's due to the hard work, dedication, and extensive knowledge of the folks at FlexPortal. The websites have more than paid for themselves, and I'm sure I'll be doing more.

You guys have been a life saver! Thank you!
W. B. -Broker

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